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Our Approach

We believe that core enterprise systems, such as ERP, should be kept standard as much as possible, and leave an upgrade path uneventful. Use these systems as a generic system of record and build your unique process-apps, customization, extensions and innovations in a separate layer on top of- and integrated with them. It avoids the creation of one monolithic and inflexible system.

We are experts in eXtending the Infor ERP & integrating it with everything within & outside the Infor ecosystem.

We have over 2 decades of product experience not limiting to InforOS but also the supporting applications for your business. We can help you with

  • Infor OS advisory & implementation strategy
  • Infor ERP LN Extensions & Integrations
  • Document Management System
  • Infor ION & ION APIs
  • Workflows & data flows
  • Datalakes & insights
  • Web development

At bizzteq we have a deep expertise in building enterprise applications. We combine this expertise with our reusable building blocks to accelerate application development for your ERP extension.

Our team have a vast experience in building enterprise-grade integration solutions and can design and build the ERP integrations you need.


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HQ: Ruotutorppa 1 A,
Finland 02610
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Feel free to email us for your consulting needs. The first consulting call is free and we can agree for an hour long teams call. We can help you with

  • InforOS advisory consulting
  • InforOS Integration strategy
  • Infor IDM architecture & implementation
  • Infor ERP LN extensions
  • Infor ION & ION APIs
  • BODs & BDEs
  • Data lakes & more ..
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